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Stephanie is one of the seasoned attorneys with the esteemed Boston law firm Brooks & DeRensis, a full service law firm based in Boston’s financial district with additional offices in Wakefield, Natick and Quincy, Massachusetts. She has been an attorney in Massachusetts since 2003 and specializes in Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate Administration. If your legal needs are outside her practice areas chances are, there is another attorney in her firm who can assist. Feel free to reach out to her for a complimentary telephone call and/or referral.

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About Stephanie

Stephanie has been an attorney in Massachusetts since 2003 and specializes in Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate Administration. Given Stephanie’s expertise in these three areas of law she is often sought out by industry colleagues and attorneys to advise on issues when these practice areas collide. And they do collide quite often!  Although Stephanie is one of the attorneys at the revered Boston law firm Brooks & DeRensis she is not your “typical” lawyer.  She has been financially independent since the age of 15 and worked her way through Northeastern University and Suffolk University Law School.  Although not quite a workaholic, thanks to her three boys, she admittedly thrives with a large work load, and understands the importance of remaining calm in high stress, high stakes moments. 

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Estate Planning

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Her Expertise is Earned Through Her Experience
Her Principals Are Based on Integrity, Courage & Honor

Experience you can trust, service and advice you can count on!

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Trusted By Our Customers

Duy N.

I was looking for a lawyer to help my parents with their estate -- and I'm not going to lie, it was a stressful search because I live in another state. Many lawyers never even got back to me. Attorney Petty was quick with her response and I've heard nothing but good things. My parents are ESL speakers and I needed someone who was patient in working with them. I was conferenced in -- in their initial meeting and was very happy with how the meeting went. My parents have since been working with her and it's taken a level of stress away from my life knowing that they are in good hands.

Patrick O.

I needed an attorney to help with real estate and general estate planning for my family. We have used Stephanie's services on many occasions and she has been fantastic. Her fees are discussed up front, the work was done in a timely manner and she is always available for follow-up questions. I will continue to work with her and I recommend you do too!

Eben H.

Stephanie Petty is a great attorney. She helped my wife and I with a few real estate transactions and she was phenomenal. Her attention to detail and commitment to her clients was unparalleled. On one occasion she drove over an hour from her office to the property we were selling to meet one of the service people....That was incredible!!! Only someone with her highly focused work ethic would go the extra mile and help a customer like that. Additionally her expertise with real estate law saved my wife and I from buying one property that would have been a financial pitfall because she found some arcane easement that would have been very costly to have removed.

Chris D.

Stephanie did a wonderful job explaining the caveats of setting up my trust, she was very responsive and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her services.

Janice D.

I was very pleased with the service that Stephanie Petty provided to my our family recently, during the process of selling my late mother's home. During an emotional time for the three of us, Stephanie kept us on track and got the job done efficiently. Stephanie has a lovely manner. She is easy to talk to and is always ready to help.I will not hesitate to recommend her to friends and acquaintances.

Eric S.

My wife and I were trying to buy a home on the South Shore. We also needed to sell our home. We actually put an offer on the new home prior to putting the old on the market. It was at this point that we got Stephanie involved to help guide us through this process. We did not use a buyer's agent, so Stephanie, willing or otherwise, was our sounding board relative to the home buying process. She is well informed, always reachable, and was patient with our many concerns. She helped smooth over a fraying relationship with our lender. She went back and forth with the builder's attorney on the best, most protective language for our P&S. She made sure the lender had all the necessary documents on time to close on the date we had previously agreed. All in all, an extremely valuable resource and my wife and I are very thankful.

Sarah P.

I have so many nice things to say, I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll start by saying, my closing was a nightmare. It was a foreclosure and it felt like everything that could go wrong, did (all on the sellers end). Atty. Petty was a rockstar. She made the process as simple as possible and kept in constant communication with us throughout the ordeal. She'd respond nights and weekends too, which was quite surprising to me. I know we weren't her only client but she sure made us feel that way. She hounded the seller's agents constantly when it felt like they were trying to sabotage the transaction. I truly feel, if we had any other attorney, we may have lost the house that we love. She is super easy to talk with and has the most wonderful personality. I've worked with another real estate attorney in the past. He was OK, but not very easy to talk with and communication was a bit choppy. Atty. Petty was so good, my Realtor, whom I also love, said she will be referring all her clients to Atty. Petty moving forward. My Realtor has been in the business a lot of years and says Atty. Petty is hands down the best she's ever seen. Do not even hesitate to contact anyone else. You will not be disappointed. I didn't know Atty. Petty before this transaction, so this review is completely unbiased. She is just THAT GOOD.

Shantel S.

As first-time homebuyers, we hired Stephanie to help us through the process. She was also the closing attorney, which saved us quite a bit of money. Stephanie was absolutely incredible and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She was very responsive and returned calls and emails quickly, she answered all of my question (and as a first-timer, I had a LOT), and she was always looking out for our best interest. She covered every base and I feel confident that everything is all set. She was the driving force that allowed our house to close on time and she went above and beyond to make everything happen on schedule.

Ken C.

As first-time homebuyers, we desperately needed a competent guiding hand to complete our first ever real estate transaction. Stephanie was recommended by our realtor, and since her fees are very reasonable (huge discount if you use her as your closing attorney in addition to buyer's representation), we went with her, and thank goodness we did. Stephanie patiently guided us through the entire process, and explained to us in very plain terms everything we needed to know. She was on top of everything whenever our lender called needing something, and let us know right away what our options were when something unexpected came up with our purchase (which happened just about every week). Thanks in large part to Stephanie, we got our closing done on time, despite several snafus on the seller's side that threatened to derail our timetable. She always communicated news to us quickly, and is easy to reach, not to mention incredibly friendly and a pleasure to deal with. In the complex world of real estate, everybody needs an advocate who knows what they're doing, both to hold your hand through the process (looking at you, fellow first-timers) and to fight for your interests (everybody, period). Stephanie Petty was that person for us.

Alexander G.

There are a lot of reviews on Yelp that make sweeping exaggerations, "the best, couldn't be happier" and whatnot. Well in this particular case of home buying and selling and the complicated legal obligations and contracts that adjoin the process Attorney Petty is THE BEST. Our particular transaction was complicated and lengthy and frustrating but Attorney Petty kept cool when I couldn't and saw that we were legally protected through a well-constructed purchase agreement during and after the sale. This is our second home purchase and we wish we knew Attorney Petty for the first one. Highly recommended.