Probate Administration

Probate Administration

Stephanie knows from personal experience it is a very difficult time when a loved one has passed away. Unfortunately, this time may not only be one of grief, but of legal process.  Unless all of your loved one’s probate assets were owned in Trust or jointly owned with another person the estate must be probated in order for appropriate taxes to be paid and assets to be distributed to heirs. 

Stephanie represents her clients and their families with compassionate legal guidance throughout the entire process, from presentation and allowance of the will or petition for intestacy administration, appointment of a personal representative, publishing of court citation, filing of fiduciary’s bond and surety, notification to all applicable administrations, notice to all interested parties, determination of solvency of estate, sale of real estate, filing and allowance of final account (which protects personal representatives from future claims), and payments of pecuniary legacies and other disbursements.

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