Real Estate

Real Estate

Stephanie is a real estate attorney providing comprehensive title, escrow and settlement services throughout all of Eastern Massachusetts.  She represents buyers, lenders, sellers and developers. She has extensive experience in purchase and sale agreements and conveyancing, cash purchases, interfamily purchases, condominium development and conversions, and business entity selection in connection with real estate development. 

On any given day Stephanie may be closing a first time homebuyer in the morning and a repeat client in the afternoon purchasing a $5 million dollar home in the Back Bay.  Since beginning her career as an attorney in 2003 she has closed thousands of real estate transactions and has at this point almost “seen it all”.  This expertise often saves clients a tremendous amount of time and money. 

As you might imagine, Real Estate transactions in Massachusetts frequently occur at lightning speed.  If you are a buyer or seller and are considering working with Stephanie, please feel free to reach out to her today to introduce yourself.  Her firm is approved to close with most local and national lenders.

It’s never too early in the process to choose your attorney. 

Email Stephanie Petty at spetty@bdboston.com, or contact her via this website, for a complimentary 15 minute telephone call.  If you are further along in the process and would like a quote on your particular transaction, please email Stephanie a copy of the fully accepted Offer.  

Real estate planning typically involves several key considerations:

Real estate planning is a complex area that often requires the assistance of legal and financial professionals with expertise in estate planning and real estate law. Consulting with an attorney or estate planner can help ensure that your real estate assets are properly accounted for and aligned with your overall estate planning goals.

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